Life on the City’s High Street - 100 Years ago - ‘Ramblings’ of Geoff Rambler!

The following newsletters describe the life and challenges faced by the public, traders and business men in Rochester during World War 1.

Difficulties in obtaining stock, staff being called-up, shortage of labour and fuel, all conspired to make life very challenging for local businesses. When owners of businesses were called up the wives often took over the management of the business but many had to close. 

To try and avoid businesses closing schemes were tried in Rochester and elsewhere, where collectives were established in which owners of similar businesses would take over the business of a man ‘called to the colours’ or to advise the wife who had to manage the business but who also had care for the children and worry about her husband being on the Frontline.

The newsletters provide an intimate glimpse into life onRochester’s High Street and surrounding area. All the newsletters have been published in the City of Rochester’s Newsletter - if you want to remain ‘up-to-date’ then subscribe or make your way to Rochester’s Archive Centre.



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