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Dickens House Wine Emporium

Dickens House, is an independent family run Wine Emporium, proud to offer not only every day drinking wine, but also an  unrivalled selection of specialist wines and if we haven’t got what you want, we will see if we can order it for you! 


About Dickens House Wine Emporium...

This wonderful emporium offers a selection of the best fine wines and spirits from around the world, all for sale both online and from our listed Georgian retail/wholesale store.
As our name suggests, Dickens House, was often frequented by Charles Dickens during the time that the Wine Store and Cellars. as they now are, were a pharmacy and chemist; thereafter his name became synonymous with this building.

Dickens House Wine Emporium - Cream - Kent

Did you know?

Dickens House Wine Emporium - Cream - Kent

Dickens House Wine Emporium - Old City Cigar Shop

Did you know that the Dickens House Wine Emporium has an Old City Cigar Shop hidden downstairs?
With an impressive selection of cigars & pipes, as well as a large range of proper gifts for proper gentlemen. 

If you've ever been to Dickens House Wine Emporium, you'd know that their knowledge on each of there products is impressive & of corse that doesn't end at the wines & spirits, their knowledge behind the humidor door continues...

Hidden gems at their best!! 


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How to find Dickens House Wine Emporium...

Dickens House Wine ~Emporium - CREAM - KENT

53 High St, Rochester, Kent. ME1 1LN

MON-THURS:  10 - 6
FRI-SAT:            10 - 7
SUN:                 12 - 4


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