Hendersons Spiced Cider from The Kent Cider Co


Hendersons Spiced Cider
from The Kent Cider Co

I know what you're thinking spiced? cider? Unusual, right? But trust us on this one...

The whole Hendersons range from the Kent Cider Co are almost deigned to get us thinking differently about cider! Interesting, hey?

Well, here's where it starts to get really interesting...
The first time we tried it, we were (very easily) convinced that it would taste better mulled!
It was an instant winner!!

Here's where it gets really, really interesting...
We were then convinced it would be even better with little, cheeky shot of rum in it! - Not beings ones to turn down such an exciting prospect, we willingly obliged.
& much to our delight, it was amazing!! 

Since then, we are frequently mix our own at home! This is only of corse when the these guys aren't in town at our local Farmers Market or at the Rochester festivals.

To sum up, The Kent Cider Companies Hendersons Spiced Cider is officially (according to us) the most amazing cider when cold, when warm & even with extra booze in it! 
Go ahead try it yourself!!*

TASTING NOTES - A fruity, SWEET CIDER with a generous blend of warming spices. Handcrafted with English Apples from Orchards near Faversham, Kent.

Oh, one more thing... It's also Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians
(So many wins!)


* Don't forget... you'll need to be over the age of 18 to try it! 

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