Yowler, Craft Cider by The Kent Cider Co.


YOWLER - Lightly Carbonated CRAFT CIDER

As if I needed any more reasons to love The Kent Cider Co?

We were lucky enough to have tried the new lightly carbonated Kent Cider Co cider with Mark & Serena themselves at their annual Wassail. 

Although I am & always have been a big fan of all the ciders from The Kent Cider Co, I do personally love some bubbles in my cider too!

Like all their ciders, the Yowler has a very unique taste... A delicious & unique taste!
With it's very light carbonation, that refreshing 'cider' flavour & feeling just hits your taste buds with a brief 'hello', then the dark fruits flavour creeps in to steal the show, leaving you with a delightful & moreish aftertaste.

The bottle is awesome too! - It tell's a tale full of history & tradition (with bits of gold foiling!) OMG! 

Basically, We loved it!
& no doubt we will be hitting up out local watering hole, The Man of Kent in Rochester to get some more this weekend! 

💛 🍻

So! What the hell is a Wassail?

A Wassail is traditional ceremony held annually at apple orchards to bless the coming years crop in.
'The Yowler' also plays a super important role in the Wassailing ceremony, in fact they conduct it. The Ceremony consists of the master of ceremonies passing a wassail bowl around the crowd. It's filled with warm spiced cider, then he cries "wassail" to which each person replies "Drink Hail" meaning good health!

The Wassail bowl is featured in the design of the bottle too! 

Click here to read more & check out some cool photos of a Wassail!

We stole this bit from the bottle....

'The Yowler conducts the centuries old ceremony of Wassailing where bad spirits are driven from the Orchard and good ones are welcomed in.
At dusk a cup is shared amongst the gathering crowd to celebrate the blessed crop of apples.
Kent Cider Co. Yowler is a dark & fruity, sparkling apple cider celebrating this blessed crop, created from 100% pressed Kentish apples.'

Yowler is:
- Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans & Coeliacs
- & 5.2% ABV

Here's some other feedback so far:
Best of Faversham:
We gave it 10/10, delicious

I love this stuff can't wait to get more!!!

Right now you'll find Yowler at...
The Rochester Farmers market
The Man of Kent, Rochester
The Black Dog, Whitstable (Micro-pub)
The Three Tuns, Lower Halstow
& more... Keep an eye on the Kent Cider Co Facebook page for more info!! 

The Kent Cider Co - Yowler - Cream
kent Cider Co - Yowler.jpg

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