Wassailing with the Kent Cider Company


We were lucky enough to get involved with The Kent Cider Companies traditional wassail at their orchard that homes the King Tree, yesterday evening. 

So, what's a Wassail? 

Wassailing is a centuries old ceremony where bad spirits are driven from the orchard and good ones welcomed in.
At dusk a cup is shared amongst the gathering crowd to celebrate the blessed crop of apples.

The blazing fire and burning incense created a friendly atmosphere. Delicious Cider (from Kent Cider Co.) and homemade eats brought by friends and family were enjoyed whilst we eagerly awaited sun down.

At around 4pm, when the sun had happily set we gathered around the chosen King tree in the orchard. Drinking, singing & wanging our fire sticks around. We officially warded off evil spirits while welcoming the good. A wassail bowl, filled with warm spiced cider was passed to each of us whilst the master of ceremonies said "wassail" to which we replied "Drink Hail" meaning good health!

The evening was then followed by great company, some traditional songs, uplifting music and a cheeky sample of their new craft cider "Yowler" by the bonfire.

It would be an amazing experience for everyone, but for those who couldn't come along make sure you fill your tankard with some Kent Cider from these guys and grab a Yowler as soon as you see one in the wild.

Here's our photo's from the evening and re-live the wassail with our 360º video and click the following button to learn more about The Kent Cider Company:

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