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Cream Friday - Rochester

Shop independent this Festive seasons with Cream! - Are you up for the challenge?

There are many reasons shopping independent is better.. On this dark Black Friday why not join us on ‘Cream Friday’ & shop independently instead?

Independent brands are the heart & soul of our communities as well as the bread & butter of our towns!

They bring us the best of the best in specialist products, hand selected, vetted, tried, tested, tasted & approved.. all for us! As well as expert, friendly, personal, passionate knowledge for free! 

Here at Cream, we are strong & passionate believers in the power of the independent business...
Anyone who is willing to roll ups their sleeves, work night & day, apply blood, sweat & tears and work from the bottom all the way up… all to bring their dream to the world! They get our vote, for sure!

An independent shop might cost a few pence more then a supermarket.. & who are we to get in the way of a good deal?
Just spare a thought for the independent shop owner who has gone to great length of researching & selecting an equally local business to bring you the best, safe in the knowledge that their supplier is getting a fair deal also.

When you shop independent your not lining the pocket of a rich business man driving his Ferrari around London.. You are supporting your whole community, your village, your town, your city, the local population & your own local economy.

Take Bob, for example...
Every time, Bob buys locally, he’s not only supporting that business he's is supporting their suppliers also. 
He is also supporting the whole local area…That shop owner will in turn pop down to the local shop for their cuppa tea & sandwich from the local cafe & maybe to the pub later - if they’ve had a really good day.
That cafe owner & pub owner can then themselves, go to their suppliers, pop down the local High St to get their Christmas shopping done… so on & so forth…

All those local shops pay their business rates, which keeps the local area clean, maintained & ticking over - Yay! 


It’s easily done & kinder on the heart... so, are you up for the challenge? Shop in independent businesses with Cream this Cream Friday.. maybe even this whole festive season? 
Maybe... If you’re feeling super heroic? You could always try the one year challenge?

 • • • •

Show your support by shopping on your local High St or online with a local business..
If you fancy being a vocal hero... hashtag #ShopIndependent & #CreamFriday us your love!!



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