Fenn Bell Inn Pub & Zoo


Fenn Bell Inn Pub & Zoo, a dream come true...

Sometimes in life, you're in the right place at the right time... two days ago, I saw the right thing at the right time.

I came across a strange sentence 'pub with a zoo'.. well, I couldn't exactly just leave that one chilling there, so I turned away from Eastenders for a further inspection...

Turns out its totally for real!! An actual pub (probably my favourite thing, beside the BF) combined with a Zoo (also up there in my favourite things)... & through sheer luck, it turned out the pub/zoo is near my actual house!! 
Triple whammy!! 

The Fenn Bell Inn Pub & Zoo near Hoo, is a pub, like a proper pub, it's 17th century, it's dog friendly, it's got that proper pub carpet, curry nights, beer garden - with sunshine. It's a proper pub... but they've also got a Zoo! 
& it's a free zoo! - literally never ending happiness!

The owners, who I've heard are delightful,  were always into the usual & unusual animals. They decided to take on the pub, so they could open a Zoo!! - You couldn't make it up.

At the moment the Zoo consists of some popular favourites, Monkeys, Lemurs, talking Parrots, Giants Pigs & my personal favourite, Meerkats. But it doesn't end there..
Recently they celebrated getting their full Zoo license, which means there's more Zoo to come!! 

They are constantly working to keep all the animals (very) well looked after & are also always expanding the zoo for more wonderful creatures.
(They are currently trying to fund a 'Lamar Walk' which sounds amazing)

You can show your support by visiting the Zoo for free & showing your gratitude with a donation. 

To really make this an adventure & (as if monkeys werent enough) to keep the kids & adults happy, there is also a Miniature Railway to take you on a wider trip around the Zoo & see even more animals!! 

So, to recap...
 - Beer
 - In Beer Garden
 - Zoo
 - With Monkeys
 - Miniature Railway

Check out our photos & video we took while up there... 


To answer the little questions...
Mon - Tues | Closed
Wed - Sat | 12:00 - 23:00
Sun | 12:00 - 22:00

St Mary Hoo, Allhallows,
Rochester, Kent. ME3 8RF
01634 270422

In the Pub & gardens, but sadly not the Zoo. 

Yes & Yes