Postcard from Canterbury


We LOVE Canterbury & we LOVE taking photo’s… So we put our clever heads together & decided to take ourselves (& the pug) to Canterbury... we brought all our cameras with us too! If the sun wants to make an appearance mid March, so should we!

Before you venture too far down the page into the photos & wonder, ‘Where are all the photos of Canterbury Cathedral?’ 
Well… we have a confession. Being a Man & Woman of Kent & living bang in the centre of the lovely, Historic Town of Rochester. The sight of a all-be-it beautiful Cathedral or Castle have become slightly day-to-day for us… literally, the dogs breakfast walk is, ‘the castle’.. So we politely steer ourselves towards other stuff…  :)
The Cathedral looked like it was having a make over anyway.

We’re all for a great town that's fun for all the family, lots to do.. blah blah.. But we’re just a couple of 20/30 somethings with our pug, just having a mooch. Canterbury is ideal for this.
It’s full of the wonderful everyday. We like to find the beauty thats in plane sight.

Aside for a desire to mooch, we also like to hunt for a few good things… our ideas of the staples of a good town;
Photo opportunities 
No worries there mate, just have a look! 

At least one super cool shop!
This is usually hidden down the smallest, most hidden street, reserved specially for ‘the people who know’, the ‘locals only’
We think we may have nailed this one… LevelUpGames - 100% for the nerd in you. Or if you’re an 80’s baby & just like to reminisce about your childhood.
This small but well packaged shop is stacked to the brim with retro, vintage, regular, rare & super rare games, consoles, cartridges, CD’s, controllers, plush toys & accessories… (phew) They even had a few vintage arcade games - this place is literally our dream store! 
Packed too!! We spent a good 20mins mooching & the whole time it full! (Full being around 10 or 11 people) - they've got something right, right?

& third on lour non-lists list
A really good beer garden or pub - weather depending!
Again… this is usually hidden down the smallest, most hidden street, reserved specially for ‘the people who know’, the ‘locals only’
Plus we are always on the hunt for the perfect beer garden or pub, depending on the weather…  We have a soft criteria in this department…. Amongst other things we ask ’Will they let the pug in?’, ‘Is there sufficient sunshine?’, ‘How good is the beer?’ & ‘How good are the vibes?’
Well, we found a great contender! Just off the main strip we found Oscar & Bentleys - A handsomely converted pub, (looks like it was The ben Jonson) now hosting some bad-ass burgers, a small, but good selection of beers & a host delightful Afternoon Tea too (according to the people sitting next to us)
We had a couple of beer, a halloumi burger, a real burger & some olives (they even picked out all the green olives & put just them in a bowl, to make me happy!) 
The service was probably the highly of the show, we had a lovely chat & the lovely girl even made us smile! 
We were sat in sufficient sun, with good beer, good vibes, good food & lovely people! 
(See shameless food photo for a sneak peak & more importantly see what a halloumi burger looks like)

Sadly during this trip 'the batphone' rang & we were off on a new adventure, but we rather like Canterbury... as soon as the sun is sunnier, the beer starts tasting better, then... we'll get a go on the canal boats!! 

We like Canterbury! 


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